Scuola di Dottorato 2018


General Info

The PhD School “Italo Gorini 2018” is the doctoral School promoted by the Italian “Electrical and Electronic Measurement” (GMEE) and “Mechanical and Thermal Measurement” (GMMT) associations.

The School activities deal with a wide variety of issues related to the measurement. The School is aimed both at PhD students, as well as young people from research and industry fields.



The main emphasis of the Ph.D. School is enriching the training in the field of instrumentation and measurement of doctoral students and young researchers through presentations given by lecturers well quoted among the Italian and international scientific community; promote and consolidate human relations and scientific cooperation among the participants.


The doctoral School “Italo Gorini” is organized in three-year cycles.

The VII Cycle for the years 2018-2020 includes the following venues: Geneva-CERN (2018), Reggio Calabria (2019), Naples-Amalfi coast (2020).

The PhD School “Italo Gorini 2018” aims to enrich the training in the field of Instrumentation and Measurement and to strengthen human relations and scientific cooperation among doctoral students and young researchers.

The school addresses both methodological issues, in the field of science and technology related to the measures and instrumentation, and advanced problems of practical interest.

The School cycle will follow the consolidated rotation cycle of the 6 research lines:

·         1st year (2018) Geneva-CERN: Measurement for quality and innovation management (RA3-Cristaldi), Measuring systems and instrumentation (RA5-Tellini);

·         2nd year (2019) Reggio Calabria: Measurements for characterization of components and systems (RA4-Arpaia),  Measurement signals and data (RA2-Narduzzi)

·         3rd year (2020) Naples-Amalfi Coast: Sensors and transducers for measurement (RA6-Andò), Fundamentals of measurement and metrology (RA1-Giaquinto)

The School activity will deal with a wide variety of issues related to the measurement, by taking inspiration from practical particle accelerators technologies, but generalized to a wider audience, in an international context.

The School will be aimed both at PhD students, as well as young people from research and industry fields.

The School will address both methodological issues, in the field of science and technology related to the measures and instrumentation, and advanced problems of practical interest.

Special attention will be paid to the impact of measures on scientific and engineering context, strongly influenced by the evolution of technology in various sectors.

From one side the benefits that these technologies can offer to the development of innovative measurement systems is addressed, from the other the new open issues and the innovations introduced by the science of measurement are investigated.

The School will have a weekly duration and will be developed through lectures, seminars, conferences, visits to CERN laboratories and experiments, as well as debates.

Who should attend the PhD School

The school is aimed at Ph.D. students and young researchers in any of the Engineering or scientific disciplines.

Training credits

 The activities can be recognized and quantified in terms of credits.

All participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

Scientific Committee 


       Prof. Ing. Pasquale Arpaia, Prof. Luca De Vito,

       Prof. Loredana Cristaldi, Prof. Bernardo Tellini

       Prof. Bruno Andò, Prof. Nicola Giaquinto, Prof. Claudio Narduzzi,


       Prof. Ing. Stephan Russenschuck,

       Ing. Roberto Losito,

Organizing Committee 

       Ing. Carlo Baccigalupi, – Ph. +41 022 762542

       Ing. Gianni Caiafa, Ph. +41 022 76 2913

       Ing. Umberto Cesaro,, - Ph. +39 081 768 3964

       Ing. Alessandro Parrella,, - Ph. +41 022 76 3077

Provisional Program:

The School has a weekly duration and it developes through lectures, seminars, conferences, visits and debates.




September 10


September 11


September 12


September 13


September 14

9.00 - 10.30


 L. Serio

State of the art of research on cryogenics monitoring

P. Arpaia/C. Baccigalupi

Metrological Analysis of High-performance Delta-Sigma ADCs for Power Converters

L. Bottura

Instrumentation and Measurement for Magnets, Superconductors, and Cryostats 

G. L. Arduini

Beam dynamics, instrumentation and measurement techniques for LHC and its High Luminosity Upgrade

10.30 - 11.00





11.00 - 12.30

A. Masi

Performance Analysis of the Ironless Inductive Position Sensor in the Large Hadron Collider Collimators Environment

S. Russenschuck

Mathematical foundations of field computation and magnetic measurements for accelerator magnets

Visit to “ATLAS”

Final Examination

12.30 - 13.00





13.00 - 14.00


14.00 - 15.00

L. Rossi

Perspectives of Instrumentation and Measurements in New CERN Accelerators

R. Losito

Real-time Monitoring Systems for Robotics in Particle Accelerators


A. Ballarino

High-Temperature Superconducting Cable Testing:  State of the Art and Perspectives

Visit to CMS

15.00- 15.30

15.30 - 16.00




16.00 - 17.00

G. Iacobucci

Microelectronics of Sensors for Particle Detectors in accelerators for Science and Health

W. Scandale

Advanced Instrumentation for Crystal-based Collimation

17.00 - 17.30








Social Dinner




At CERN 40 places in shared rooms are available in the hostels, located in Meyrin, Switzerland.

Hostels are provided with:  Coffee machine, Washing machine, clothes dryer, TV lounge, Kitchen.

A 50 m walk will bring students from lesson rooms to the hostel and vice-versa.

Gala dinner


The Gala Dinner will be held at:

Auberge de Savies

20 rue des Pâquis

1201 Geneva



CERN structures pose a constraints to the maximum number of present Students for 40.

Gorini organization will reserve 30 places for GMEE/GMMT PhD students up to 1st June 2018 and  then will open to other  students.

Please, note that at CERN about 250 PhD students can be potentially interested in the School, therefore please reserve early. 


Interested attendees to  the Ph.D School “Italo Gorini” 2018 are requested to download the application form (PDF, doc), fill it out and send it to by May 1, 2018.

The acceptance of applications for admission will be notified via email by May 7, 2018.

Students admitted to the PhD School are required to register no later than May 21, 2018. The payment of the participation fee can be paid only by bank transfer, in accordance with the instructions reported in the following. Registration will be considered complete only after receiving the copy (or the CRO) of the bank transfer by to be made by May 21, 2018.

Bank Transfer details

Bank: Banca Popolare di Sondrio – Filiale 191 Milano – Ag. 21

Notehead: Italiana Gruppo Misure Elettriche ed Elettroniche

Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, 32

20133 Milano

Fiscal Code: 97390710156

IBAN: IT92 P056 9601 6200 0001 0054 X84

In the reason for payment (“causale”) it must be indicated:

“Iscrizione alla scuola PhD Gorini 2018 NAME (and) SURNAME”.

The registration fee covers accommodation, meals, breaks, tour and one social dinner.

Special Issue

The participants to the Gorini School are invited to submit a scientific paper related to their current PhD research for a Special Issues on “IOP Measurement Science & Technology”: “State of the art of PhD student’s research in  measurement science and technology”.


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